What Blinds and Shades are Best for Bathrooms?

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Looking for blinds can involve lots of hard decisions based on several factors. To make your journey easier I will equip you with three key factors to take into account and what types of blinds are best for your bathroom.

The first factor to consider is the material of the blinds. Bathrooms are moist and humid environments that will wear blinds that are not made for those conditions.

Avoid purchasing blinds that are wooden or made of heavy fabrics because mold can grow in them and will be hard to clean.

Wooden blinds will also deteriorate faster. Faux wood selections are strongly recommended if you still want that style present in the bathroom. If you desire metal blinds, consider aluminum as your rust-resistant choice of material.  Any fabrics used should be waterproof and light.

Privacy and lighting are universally important to any house setting. Since the bathroom is a very private setting you will want to choose blinds that offer that while still allowing natural light to travel in.

Woven wood shades are a perfect choice for this. Light seeps in softly without compromising your privacy. Faux wood blinds, as described earlier, are great if you want to avoid the growth of mildew and mold on your coverings. Roman shades with certain fabrics are also resistant to this.

Roman shades allow flexibility with lighting and are definitely one of the more elegant choices. A downside may be the extra amount of space they take up on the window ceiling and the floor. Roller blinds offer more light restriction and are simple to install and use.

They are generally more affordable too.  If privacy is not a concern, then consider valances which create a seemingly more spacious environment as they leave most of the window exposed.

Overall, when deciding on blinds and shades for the bathroom keep in mind the conditions of that bathroom and the amount of privacy you want. There are window coverings for every preference and situation.

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