Which Last Longer: Blinds, Shades, Curtains, or Drapes?

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There are so many different types of each of these window coverings. Each brings to the table different materials, purposes, and styles. We will discuss how long these coverings can last and what the signs are that it is time to replace them. Take a look at your current window treatments and see whether a call to American Budget Blinds is necessary today.

Window blinds are great for privacy but if they are not strong and working to their fullest capacity they will become useless. Misshapen or bent slats can be a serious issue if you want properly working blinds.

This will probably be because of regular use and accidents, but your natural environment can also do harm. Faux wood blinds are susceptible to damage from heat and wood blinds are sensitive to humidity (avoid placing them in bathrooms).

If you live in a very hot climate it is better to use fabric window coverings or window shades. Discolored or yellowed blinds are symptoms of deteriorating blinds ready to fall apart. There are blinds are available, though, that are UV ray resistant. Watch for frayed cords or difficulty raising the blinds.

If you are not careful or do not replace them soon the blinds will fall off the window. No worries; American Budget Blinds will repair any damage caused to your blinds.

Window shades are fantastic alternatives to blinds. They can offer more privacy, insulation, less light if desired. Unfortunately, though, shades do not last forever. For the best looks and results be sure that they are properly fitted for your window to prevent the edges from fraying.

It is important to vacuum (with a hand vacuum) fabric shades or have them cleaned professionally.

Vinyl blinds need to be hand-washed. Cleaning can be done at America Budget Blinds by our team of trained experts.
Drapes are better for privacy and insulation than the average curtains because they are made of a heavier material. They are of better quality and higher price generally. Based on your personal needs and budget either drapes or curtains may be the best choice for you.

Window treatments are our specialty here at American Budget Blinds but we offer more than just our quality assortment. Come in today if you would like your treatments cleaned, repaired, maintained, or replaced all together.

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